Want to Meet Blockchain Investors?

We help blockchain/cryptocurrency projects get funded by investor pools.

We partnered with investor groups (including one that spent $54M on ICOs) who use these services and offer liquidity/OTC solutions. Our limited partners have $1.8B in investment capital for blockchain/cryptocurrency startups.

Dozens of projects and thousands investors have been assisted so far. 

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How We Help People
Blockchain Project Evaluation and Analysis
Natu Innovations started by evaluating an analyzing blockchain/cryptocurrency projects for large groups of investors.  Unifii, our first client, has a network expands to 100,000 investors in over 54 countries. Cryptocurrency companies that are interviewed such as Bluzelle, Holochain, Wanchain, and Nano. These evaluations help companies communicate their messages to prospective investors in Pitch Deck form. Founder Natu Myers is the Blockchain Investment Consultant at Natu Innovations Inc., and Director of Blockchain Analysis at Unifii cooperation.
Access to Blockchain Investors
Natu Innovations works with an investor pool that has contributed $45 million to initial coin offerings. Natu Innovations Inc. will seek out best-in-class blockchain startups/cryptocurrencies and analyze them for pools of investors via DE Asset Management as opportunities come up. If you are a blockchain advisory firm and you need your clients to reach their hard cap, or you are seeking funding yourself, this service is for you. 
OTC and Liquidity Services 
Natu Innovations' network can offer quick settlement for small and large block purchase or sell orders of cryptocurrency assets. Working with institutions, ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges exchanges and HNW individuals allows us to meet your needs 24/7. We facilitate secure, two-way OTC settlement for large blocks of 10,000 USD-250,000 USD and more. Protected by IP, the firm that Natu Innovations works with has makes 2 Billion in Monthly Deal Flow and works with 67 countries.
Projects Evaluated and/or Funded
CXO Interviews and Expert Analysis (for 1000+ Investors):
New Clients
Received investor Intros, Funding and Advice:
Investor Pools Assisted
Natu Innovations worked with Unifii.io to scale their users to over a thousand paying investors and positive cash flow. Their network expands to 100,000 investors in over 54 countries. Alt-coins with great potential are reported on and evaluated. 
Natu Innovations worked with Trade Duel, a trading simulator app with over 25,000 users, to help their users understand which cryptocurrency assets have massive future potential. 
Natu Innovations worked with Blockchain Impact, a blockchain advisory firm to help new companies with initial coin offerings build pitch decks and resonate their message to prospective investor pools. Blockchain Impact helped six cryptocurrency projects come to life.
Service Partners
DE Asset Management is a venture capital firm and strategic partner. We invested 54M USD into 19 blockchain startups. We seek out best-in-class blockchain startups/ cryptocurrencies and analyze them for pools of investors via DE Asset Management as opportunities come up.  We also joined forces with CoinStruction, a liquidity provider who funds the ExMarkets and CoinSupply cryptocurrency exchanges. CoinSupply will also come out with their own digital OTC desk this year, allowing for large trades.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, contact me and I will put your project in touch with the right people with my go-ahead.

Certifications: Certificate Canadian Investment Funds Course,Investment Funds Institute Of Canada 2009, Certificate Life Insurance, London Life Insurance Company, 2016, Certificate Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Canadian Securities Institute
Natu Innovations partnered with Canada's fastest growing cryptocurrency OTC firm. We offer liquidity/OTC for ICO's from the top financial institutions. If your project needs post-ICO liquidity. We can offer international settlement for small and large block purchase in hours. We help with secure, two-way OTC settlement for large blocks of 10,000 USD-250,000 USD to $50M USD and more. We process over 2 Billion in Monthly deal flow and work with 67 countries. Book an appointment with us to learn more about our partner. 

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