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Neither Natu Innovations Inc. nor any of its principals, directors, employees or representatives (collectively, “Natu Innovations Inc.”) is providing you with any investment advice through your use of our website or our software. Natu Innovations Inc. is in the process of partnering with an investment bank that specializes in fundraising for digital assets. Our network includes an international institutional pool of investors and broker-dealers. Submit your company details. When we are registered with the commission to solicit for investments on your behalf, we will be in touch for our matchmaking services. Our area of expertise is blockchain. Until we register, we will not broker-deal, not intervene in private placements, not sell or purchase securities, not solicit investors for such securities and not collect service fees for such services.  We will always protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices in the blockchain industry to contribute to the stability of the space and the reduction of systemic risk. Please take notice of our earnings disclaimer as well.
How We Will Help People 
Blockchain Investor Natu Innovations
Dispatch to Active Investors
We reverse-engineer the process of getting startups funded by investors. Companies that have their private placement and due diligence documents ready to go can work with us to have their information carefully dispatched to our active investor networks. These groups consist of accredited and prospectus exempt groups (VC, sophisticated angels, hedge funds and family offices).  
Blockchain Investor Natu Innovations
Additional Resources
We have access to 2,000+ blockchain funds, 15,000+ contacts who are working with VC's and angel investor networks on our blockchain network connection package. We are the truly largest GDPR compliant list of contacts in funds that have invested in blockchain companies. In addition, we have access to blockchain specific liquidity providers, token offering experts, OTC desks and exchanges. Sophisticated investors are lured by liquidity and the right methods. 

Blockchain Investor Natu Innovations
Blockchain Investor Natu Innovations
"Unicorn" Early-Stage Companies
Along the spectrum, the questions we ask CEOs is to discover how to best serve them in investor attraction strategies. If your company is mature (closer to the unicorn side of the spectrum), or has experience dealing with brokers, we would like to help you. In these cases, our role would become more of a "finder" as you understand what is required. Most often, we ask our clients to have revenue, but unicorn startups as rare as they come, have a grey area when it comes to this requirement.

Blockchain Investor Natu Innovations
"Mule" Early Stage Companies
Some companies we have been approached by are closer to the "mule" startup. In other words, there have a very early pitch deck and product. For these companies to attract funding in our network, we ask that they are generating revenue. In the case that there is no revenue for such startups, we would advise on how to get your placements and due diligence documents created and accepted by sophisticated investors. We may also assist with white paper development, depending on the context. At this stage without revenue, if we send their pitches/placements out, nobody would take them seriously until some work is done. In these cases, we act as more of an "advisor" to get your project to transcend this stage.

Projects Assisted

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Investor Pools Assisted
Blockchain Investors Consortium
The Blockchain Investor's Consortium has more than 120 members with over $6 billion of digital assets under management. BIC allows its members to share due diligence and to co-investment opportunities in the most top blockchain ventures to their network.
Syndicates and investors (under non-circumvents). We work with exclusive investor  three blockchain VC firms, and five blockchain investor syndicates closely. We also work with OTC Desks, Market Makers/Liquidity Providers, IEO programs and other specialists (under NDA).

DE Asset Management
Natu Innovations is helping a blockchain-based venture capital with non-tailored blockchain research. DE Asset Management has a limited partnership of investors with $1.8B in capital.

Natu Innovations works  with Unifii.io to scale their users to over a thousand paying investors and positive cash flow. Their network expands to 100,000 investors in over 54 countries. Alt-coins with great potential are reported on and evaluated. 
Trade Duel
Natu Innovations worked with Trade Duel, a trading simulator app with over 25,000 users, to help their users understand which digital assets have massive future potential. 
BC Impact Blockchain Consulting
Natu Innovations worked with Blockchain Impact, a blockchain advisory firm to help new companies with initial coin offerings build pitch decks and resonate their message to prospective investor pools. Blockchain Impact helped over six blockchain projects come to life.
Government Partner
Blockchain Investor Natu Innovations NRC Irap
The National Research Council is the primary national research and technology organization of the Government of Canada, in science and technology research and development. We are working with their consultants to secure grant funding for our operations.
About our Machine
 By Q3 2019, we will be able to join an exempt market dealer as per below.
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