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Here's how Tina Tufarolo saves time and money reading the digital asset analyses I build with an amazing client, Unifii Corp.

I was just scrolling Youtube for opinions on a client I work with, Unifii, and saw this video. A real human (Derek) said "I am loving these altcoin reports from ...Saves me loads of time and frustration...Detailed analysis of potential altcoin investments analysed and condensed for easy reading...and informed decisions...View these reports as part of your own due diligence before investing!" Watch Derek's testimonial of my services! Cheers, Derek

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Natu Innovations worked with Unifii.io to scale their users to over a thousand paying investors and positive cash flow. Their network expands to 100,000 investors in over 54 countries. Alt-coins with great potential are reported on and evaluated. 
Natu Innovations worked with Trade Duel, a trading simulator app with over 25,000 users, to help their users understand which digital  assets have massive future potential. 
Natu Innovations worked with Blockchain Impact, a blockchain advisory firm to help new companies with initial coin offerings build pitch decks and resonate their message to prospective investor pools. Blockchain Impact helped six digital assets projects come to life.
DE Asset Management is a venture capital firm and strategic partner. We invested 54M USD into 19 blockchain startups. We seek out best-in-class blockchain startups/ digital assets and analyze them for pools of investors via DE Asset Management as opportunities come up.  We also joined forces with CoinStruction, a liquidity provider who funds the ExMarkets and CoinSupply digital assets exchanges. CoinSupply will also come out with their own digital OTC desk this year, allowing for large trades.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, contact me and I will put your project in touch with the right people with my go-ahead.

Certifications: Certificate Canadian Investment Funds Course,Investment Funds Institute Of Canada 2009, Certificate Life Insurance, London Life Insurance Company, 2016, Certificate Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Canadian Securities Institute
Natu Innovations partnered with Canada's fastest growing digital assets OTC firm. We offer liquidity/OTC for ICO's from the top financial institutions. If your project needs post-ICO liquidity. We can offer international settlement for small and large block purchase in hours. We help with secure, two-way OTC settlement for large blocks of 10,000 USD-250,000 USD to $50M USD and more. We process over 2 Billion in Monthly deal flow and work with 67 countries. Book an appointment with us to learn more about our partner. 
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